World of Tanks

World of Tanks

World of Tanks (WOT) – popular free to play MMO action shooter team-based online game by Wargaming. WoT is an epic tank battles of World War II with two teams of armored vehicles against each other. Teams will need to work together and strategize if they want to succeed. At the beginning of the game, we have at our disposal only small tank MC-1 then more powerful heavy machines follow.

Your arsenal includes more than 200 tanks and artillery pieces from Soviet Union, American, French, German, United Kingdom and Chinese, carefully detailed with historical accuracy. Each nation has a research tree to advance through to unlock access to new tanks, guns and crewmembers for those machines.

Improve your tank acquire through winning experience and credits you earn in battle by winning other enemy tanks so that research and upgrades for your war machine. More recently, the developers have introduced a global mode into the game, where the best clans compete for the right to own territories. If you like blowing up tanks in multiplayer, with a quick and intense game MOBA style you will simply love this game on PC for free!

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