Warframe – sci-fi free to play cooperative third-person (TPS) & PVP action shooter. Players get to control a race of ancient powerful warriors Tenno, who have woken up to find themselves at great space war. Now, you must fight to keep the balance.

Exo-armour (Warframe) comes with unique abilities, strengths and stats to customise your gameplay. Weapons offer an equal amount of depth through customisation as you alter your basic weapons (rifles, shotguns, bows or sniper), secondary weapons (guns, missile weapons) and melee weapon (swords, twin swords, knives, axes).

You will choose from 3 suit, each with their own skills and gameplay. Players get experience points for killing enemies and completing missions to increase the level of weapons and armor. As you advance, you will open more power for your Tenno, including new weapons, planets and skills. Join your friends in PvE raids to fight back against array of enemies.

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