Neverwinter – colorful 3D MMORPG fantasy roleplaying game based on the acclaimed Dungeons and Dragons franchise and original Neverwinter Nights series. In the world of Neverwinter, you will pick from 13 unique races each with their own unique racial traits and lore filled backgrounds. Fans of elfs will be delighted by three types of races (Wood Elf, Moon Elf and Half-elfs), canonical archetypes – Dwarfs, Human and Halfling, likes of brutal force – Semi-Orcs, and those who are inclined to look at the dark side of the Force will find themselves in Tiefling.

Neverwinter is completely free to play, from the very first level, all the way up to the level cap, so anyone is able to experience the engaging action and combat it brings. Journey through the magical world of the game by following the path laid out for you or take full control of your destiny.

Creative players can access the Foundry within Neverwinter, that will allow you to create your own adventures ­ and share adventures you create within the world. Embark on your journey through the Forgotten Realms, meet iconic locations and stop whatever dark forces you can in Neverwinter for free on your PC!

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