Imperia Online

Imperia Online

Imperia Online – free browser-based game, city-building strategy that takes you to a medieval world without firearms, tanks and aircraft. This is a world with long swords, precise bows and fast horses. Player becomes the ruler of a small village in the medieval world and is work to improve, and expand its territory through resources, battles and good deals with other players.

The time has come for political conspiracies, large-scale multiplayer battles, the siege of a fortress with catapults and trebuchets, cavalry with knights destroying an entire army, the seizure of new territories and hundreds of soldiers sacrificing their lives for victory in battle. Use your ideas and resources to build an empire that will not be equal.

Players can interact with one another in Imperia Online, to unite into clans, sign trade agreements and jointly participate in guild battles, therefore it is necessary to communicate properly and socialization skills. Imperia Online is fully cross platform with free player accounts accessible from browser on PC, Android and iOS devices.

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