Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines – high-octane racing arena with team shootouts, extreme cars and multiplayer races in a circle. Brazilian developers from Hoplon Infotainment offer a mix of MOBA, shooter and racing arcade, in which players fight in 4 vs 4 mode, driving deadly machines. Game features 8 playable characters and a system that unlocks skins, skills and abilities.

Heavy Metal Machines has three different roles that you can play as: Transporter, Support or Interceptor. The goal of each race is to deliver the bomb to the enemy base and not allow the enemy to do the same. Teams must work as one to have any hope of winning.

Interceptors class – specialize in stopping enemy vehicles from taking them bomb. Supports class – specialize in helping bomb carriers deliver the bomb by shielding them from further damage or repairing damage that they have already incurred. Transporters – the most agile of the three vehicle classes and they specialize in taking the bomb to the enemy base. Heavy Metal Machines is available on PC, download now and play for free.

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