Elvenar is a browser city-building MMO strategy game set in the fantasy world elves or humans. The task of the players is to build a powerful and prosperous civilization, which will take the first place on the world map. Elves are able to control magical powers, and a race of people has well-trained warriors. In addition to the usual construction of cities in Elvenar, you can explore scientific inventions, decorate the streets of your kingdom and improve buildings.

There are many ways to improve your fantasy city. Collect gold and resources, learn new technologies, complete quests and build rare buildings to increase the attractiveness of your town. Explore nearby locations in search of prey and fight against hostile states. Turn-based combat system allows players to control the process of the battle.

Developers are constantly working on fresh updates and new content in Elvenar, which means the gameplay, is constantly improving. Browser game runs on any PC for free. It remains only to decide which side you choose.

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