Dragons Prophet

Dragons Prophet

Dragons Prophet – free fantasy 3D MMORPG game, which sends the player to a fantastic world, created and filled with more than 300 dragons with unique abilities and skills. During the journey, you will be able to tame, train and fight with powerful fire-breathing creatures. Depending on the dragon chosen, the fate of the character will change.

Some dragons are suitable for a frontal attack; others serve as support for the main character during the battle, for example, healing him. In the online game Dragons Prophet, uses automatic target and combined system to provide a more dynamic gameplay. Choose one of four classes of players (Guardian, Oracle, Sorcerer, and Ranger) to start a journey through the lands of Auratia.

Show your leadership qualities by creating your own clan and building an invincible kingdom. Gather an army of like-minded people and take part in large-scale battles, and sieges of castles. Engage in the construction and decoration of houses, in your free time. Download Dragons Prophet MMORPG game on PC and play free right now.

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