Dragon Lord

Dragon Lord

Dragon Lord is a free dynamic browser RPG game, where the player fights with mighty dragons. Numerous nations of orcs, elves, humans, and dragons have long fought for power on earth. Lord of the Dark Dragons inspires fear in the civilians of the continent. Develop the capital of your kingdom and gather a group of volunteers to strike at the forces of evil. Use in battle the magic and power of defeated enemies.

After creating a character, you need to perform numerous tasks that will help to better explore the fantastic world. Take with you on the road companions who increase health, protection, physical and magical attacks by increasing the level. The plot in the game Dragon Lord depends on the level of the character, some missions are available only after reaching a certain level.

The fighting in the browser-based online game takes place turn-based mode, you can choose the automatic mode or take complete control in your hands. RPG game Dragon Lord deserves your attention and play free on the PC right now.

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