Crossout – post-apocalyptic free to play action MMO vehicle combat game, lets players engage in destroyed world where they can craft machines, ride them into combat, used in PvP engagements and PvE missions. Player gain reputation with different factions (Nomads, Engineers, Scavengers and Lunatics), gaining access to new weapons, armor, wide variety of wheels and other accessories for cars.

Large arsenal of weapons in Crossout: circular saws, flamethrowers, heavy machine guns, flying drones and stealth generators. The players drive the game economy, every piece that you have gathered in the battle can be sold to other players to craft stronger, pitiless, machines.

Damage to any part of an enemy machine it will affect him the vehicle’s performance immediately. Crossout is MOBA online game where everything players looking for created warfare vehicles with possible combinations details, new battle strategies in setting after a «Nuclear war» and destroy everything in their paths on PC for free.

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