Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom – free anime MMORPG game from the creators of Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal. You go on a journey to Azuria, a world on the brink of war between the forces of light and darkness. The game features 12 classes to choose from Gunslinger, Sorcerer, Wizard, Duelist, Ravager, Bard, Guardian, and Grenadier.

Player choose from one of the four starting Eidolon to aid you in quest the dark knight Reindhart and to create powerful combos during the battle. The game has convenient settings for character characteristics; you can easily change its parameters in the process of passing levels.

Aura Kingdom is a focused on PvE battles with mobs, PvP held only in indoor arenas. Defeat your opponents, and reap shiny rewards for your glorious deeds in combat. Gather friends and go look for valuable treasures in the dungeon. Download now Aura Kingdom on your PC and become a hero, known throughout the land!

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